About Janani

Janani is an open source crowdsourcing and citizen engagement platform
built by Appropriate IT’s Innovation Lab, an incubation space for social change technologies.
Janani is currently in closed beta.


Citizen Engagement

Facilitates two-way communication with citizens, engaging them in an active conversation rather than one-way push messaging.

Ideal for CSOs

Powers community-based social accountability and governance programs implemented by grassroots civil society organizations (CSOs).

Feedback Loop

Focuses on resolving issues and responding back to citizens, thus closing the feedback loop and promoting participation.


Interested or affected citizens can utilize various channels – SMS, email, or web – to report, with more channels in the works.


Allows for assessments of publicly-funded projects and monitoring of service delivery to citizens under various government programs.


Multiple levels of security and anonymization built into the system to protect complainants’ identity and personal information.


Built-in issue validation and information verification process utilizing a combination of online and offline methods.


Real-time charts and graphs that aggregate and analyze issue categories, time to resolution, problem areas to focus on, etc.


Publish issues and other data on a map, with custom color coding and iconography, allowing for categorization and comparisons.

Built on Drupal

Utilizes the power of the most popular open source content management framework – Drupal – and its huge developer community.

Open Source

Currently acceptiong projects for closed beta. To be released as an open-source Drupal distribution after completion of closed beta.

And More

Many more back-end (coordinator’s dashboard, multiple workflows, etc.) and front-end (fully responsive, customizable themes, etc.) features…


Improve Service Delivery

Strengthen Participation

Increase Social Accountability

Promote Good Governance

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